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The Devil Wears Parsley

"The Ethereal" Cupcakes 6-Pack

"The Ethereal" Cupcakes 6-Pack

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**PICKUP Thursday, May 30th ONLY** - Pickup 2pm-6pm**.  Preorder ends Tuesday, May 28th!**

Pure Vanilla is anything but boring.  

This pure vanilla cupcake contains not only vanilla extract, but vanilla paste, giving it an extra real vanilla punch!

Did you know that aside from saffron, vanilla is the most expensive spice?  The pods take 9 months to ripen, and the flowers have to be hand pollinated.

But it’s worth it to behold it’s intoxicating scent, and reap its magical benefits that include love, friendship, calm and strength!   *Nut Free

Allergens:  Wheat


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