Closed September 20th - October 5th

We will be closed September 20th - October 5th due to previous commitments. Sorry for any inconvenience! We will re-open October 6th.

Indulge Like A Rock Star!

The Indulgence of a Rock Star Lifestyle Meets The Sustainability of a Plant Based Diet

In our kitchen, we believe that food should be wholesome and good, free from pesticides, fair trade & organic whenever possible, and not rely on chemicals to create beautiful and undeniably delicious cupcakes in every way.

I bake out of my home in Columbia, MD under the Maryland Cottage Food Law. Every order is made fresh, just for you, so place your order online, and I'll whip you up some vegan goodness in no time!

As this is my residence, I ask that you do not arrive unannounced. Please place your order online, and we will discuss an appropriate pick-up time.

How To Order