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Dissent 6-Pack

Dissent 6-Pack

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To hear that Roe vs. Wade was struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States a few weeks ago (6.24.2022) was disheartening to say the least, with a gigantic step back in our human experience.  My body, my choice is the most succinct way to put it.  As a result of this ruling, the human rights of women are severely diminished, a “curtailment of women’s rights, and of their status as free and equal citizens.”1  Her right to live as she pleases is struck down, and put in the hands of the state in which she resides, some of which wish to seek criminalization at conception, and not viability.  Women deserve complete autonomy regardless of which state we live in, and we at DWP Bakery, back that notion with the utmost conviction.    

That is why we are offering “The Dissent Pack”.  While we may not be a large company, we felt like we had to do something.  One hundred percent of proceeds from the sale of this pack will be donated to the Baltimore Abortion Fund.  We chose this non-profit to support, because it’s local to us, and they provide practical support for those in and out of state, seeking safe reproductive care.  If you’re in need of their services, please call their confidential helpline: (443-297-9893).


We have donated a total of $191.49 since August 2022! Last updated 12/3/2022

The Dissent Pack is a black velvet cake with pink vanilla buttercream.  Order policy is buy anytime during the week - cutoff Thursday at 3pm, pick up Friday between 2pm & 6pm.  Let’s work together to support our sisters in need.

1 597 U. S. ____ (2022)  BREYER, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN, JJ., dissenting  pages 148-213

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