Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week Menu

Thank you for your interest in DWP Bakery! Our cupcakes are disguised as pure, unadulterated decadence, but are firmly rooted in compassion for the animals, our bodies, and the planet.  Everything is 100% Vegan, and each batch is lovingly baked to order.

We are a cottage bakery operating under the Maryland Cottage Food Law, meaning everything is made in my home in Columbia, Maryland. 

You can place your order online by Thursday at 3pm, and select pickup or delivery for Friday.  Our delivery radius is 15 miles, and will be between 10am and 1pm on Friday.  Pickups are from 2pm-6pm.  The address will be provided to you once you order.  Fees may apply for deliveries. 

If you need your order for a specific day, please allow at least 72 hours for us to prepare your order. Schedule permitting, a shorter lead time may be available. Call (951) 452-6878, or email with any questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! We will work with you, schedule permitting!


WEEKLY Mixed Pack - $21 / Six Pack

** For Friday, March 25th! **

We're coming with some classics to round out the final week of Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week with a Neapolitan Mixed Pack.

Here's a run-down of the flavors included - two of each:


Strawberry Cake made with loads fresh, organic strawberries, and a Strawberry Buttercream.


Our classic chocolate cupcake made with organic cocoa powder.

The Ethereal

Vanilla cupcake made with real vanilla beans.  Classic and absolutely divine.


Cookies & Creme - $20 / Six Pack

Vanilla Cupcake w/ Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Chunks Mixed In / Black Velvet Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl.

The Energizer - $20 / Six Pack

Peppermint Infused Black Velvet Cupcake / Peppermint Swirl.

The Ethereal - $20 / Six Pack

Classic Vanilla Cupcake / Vanilla Swirl.

Bloody Black Velvet - $22 / Six Pack

Raspberry Filled Black Velvet Cupcake / Black Velvet Swirl

Chai Latte - $20 / Six Pack

Chai cupcake with Black Tea, Saffron, Ginger, Lemon Zest & Juice, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and a hint of Clove / Lemon Ginger Swirl

Classic Chocolate - $20 / Six Pack

Chocolate Cupcake / Chocolate Swirl

Lavender Lemonade - $20 / Six Pack

Lavender Lemon Cupcake / Lavender Lemon Swirl

Lemonade - $20 / Six Pack

Lemon Cupcake / Lemon Swirl

Pumpkin Spice - $20 / Six Pack

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake / Cream Cheese Swirl

Red Velvet - $20 / Six Pack

Red Velvet Cupcakes / Cream Cheese Swirl

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